Drug ads of the past: “Heroin – the cheapest specific for the relief of coughs” (16 pictures)

Before the authorities found out that people were using these products for more than just coughs and back pains, they were completely legal, sold in drug stores and had, of course, ads. Kind of funny when you look at them now.


7Up, but with lithium

Symmetrel amantadine

Cogentin benztropine

Cannabis tincture

Cipramil citalopram

Cocaine toothache drops

Compazine prochlorperazine


Tofranil imipramine

Loxapac loxapine

Quaalude methaqualone

Ritalin methylphenidate

Stelazine trifluoroperazine

Distaval thalidomide

Triavil perphenazine and amitriptyline

via acidcow.

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